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«Mama lernt Deutsch»

Ein Deutschkurs als transkultureller Übergangsraum

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Margrit E. Kaufmann

The German school project «Mama lernt Deutsch» demonstrates the importance of teaching, not only for immigrant children, but also for their parents. For immigrant children the possibility of introducing and integrating their parents into the school system is important. Mothers especially, as primary caregivers, need additional opportunities to learn the new language. Many are, or at least feel, isolated in their new country and need the help of services to bring them up to a level of basic competence in the language of their new surroundings. In their role as German teachers for mothers, ethnologists not only transmit language abilities they also impart cultural competence and behavioural awareness. The project «Mama lernt Deutsch» has the additional advantage of being a «Third Space» or open forum (or haven so-to-speak), making it easier for the mothers to find their place and role between emigrant and immigrant society.