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Des 3-6 ans à la bibliothèque

Entre injonction, apprentissage et autonomie

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Bérénice Waty

Public libraries in France have widely opened their doors to childhood since forty years. Through the ethnography of a youth section, we can observe the important moments which on one hand, rhythms the arrival of children aged 3 to 6 years old and their accompanying parent and on the other hand, enlightens us on the cleavages between adults’ (parents and librarians) expectations and those toddlers when they are in such a place stating that, not everyone is there for the same purpose. The librarians’ goals are to initiate others to this resourceful place and to reading pleasure while parents want their children to dive into the writing world particularly for school purposes. For children meanwhile, the only matter is to have fun and gain more autonomy. While dealing with the institutional and parental codes, through the storytelling hour and the borrowing of books, the 3 to 6 years old children acquire reading practice and book appropriation straddling between imitating and free readers.