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L’ethnicité à l’épreuve du quotidien

Ethnographie d’une équipe de baseball lycéenne a Taïwan

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Jérôme Soldani

The Commercial and Aquaculture Senior Vocational High School of Chengkung in southeast Taiwan is considered to be financially poor, yet it continues to support a permanent baseball team. This is in part due to the prestige and financial donations generated by the team’s success, in part because of baseball’s association with prevailing national moral values, and in part due to the public funding attracted by the predominately Indigenous make-up of the team. Relationships between team players are crystalized as they spend their days between lessons, training, competitions and in their dormitories, organized under the aegis of the paternalistic figure of the coach. Here ethnic categorization tends to yield before a sense of egalitarianism brought about by communal living and team member status in favor of an age-based hierarchy between older and younger team players.