Ausgabe 18

Der vermessene Mensch

Selbstarchivierung und Selbstoptimierung durch Lifelogging

Seite 77
Stefan Selke

The term «lifelogging» subsumes digital media systems that document, as comprehensively as possible, traces of human behaviour and put them into long-term storage. Activities and personal highlights have long been re-shaped with the aid of various media such as photography. However, this paper postulates a change of paradigm as its core thesis. The «complete recording» of one’s life contains totalitarian and compulsive traits by subordinating the documented life into the document. Following an introduction to lifelogging’s requirements in the matter of media technology and a presentation of the vision of lifelogging apologists, two examples of fields of application are presented that represent self-measurement and self-depiction in an ideal-typical way. A general question is posed from the media-anthropological perspective about the change to the ‹conditio humana› due to these self-optimising technologies. Critical positions on lifelogging are discussed in this context.