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Questions identitaires et images médiatiques au Brésil

Noirs et indiens au miroir des Telenovelas

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Erika Thomas

The question of collective identity has played an important role in Brazilian society and has been reflected in its cultural productions such as cinematographic or television production. From the start, that collective identity – which has its roots in the historical encounter between Africans, Europeans and indigenous people – was founded on forms of domination, inequality and oppression. After the slavery abolition in 1888, the whitening ideology, a political program influenced by pseudo-scientific racism, encouraged the arrival of massive European immigration to the country in order to «whiten» the Brazilian population and dilute the black presence. Later on, in the 30th, the myth of «racial democracy» was created by the Brazilian elite to hide its racism and to keep economic and social power. This paper is an attempt to shed some light on the translation of these issues in brazilian telenovelas.