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Pixarvolt du genre?

Réflexions sur la représentation de la masculinité dans les films d’animation de dernière génération

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Iulia Hasdeu

By proposing a thematic analysis of gender in full-length cartoons like Monstres et Cie., Robots, In search of Nemo, How to train your dragon, Madagascar, Up, Cars, Ice Age, Toy Story, the article suggests a critique of Judith Halberstam’s idea that these mega-productions are subversive. The ancient myth of the absence of the mother and the re-engender of the re-engendering of male characters by an exclusive male-mates social learning are vividly reified. The former super-hero of cartoons is challenged by a new one who is less virile, has feelings, is hesitant and vulnerable but still is the winner, the smartest and the main action leader compared to the female characters who are additional and conventional – they target a love story and / or have a classical oedipal family background. If new models of masculinity are clearly proposed in these cultural industries, gender arrangements are not challenged. They remain tributary to the masculine domination.