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Les institutions de développement

Un cosmopolitisme professionnel

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Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan

Starting from the description of a birth-control «sensibilisation» meeting in a Niger village, this article seeks to elucidate the particular form of standarised cosmopolitanism that is diffused more or less throughout the world by development organizations. These organizations form part of a vast «development configuration» with common characteristics that go beyond periodic shifts in development strategy, «in» policies and ideological differences. These common factors are an altruistic and modernizing meta-ideology, a dependence on techno-scientific knowledge, the export of social engineering and a specific «development language». However, as different segments of the development configuration come into contact with other «social worlds» they become partially undone by the plurality of contrasting logics they encounter. Finally, this plurality of logics and norms can be traced back to the heart of the development configuration itself.