Ausgabe 9

StaatsbürgerInnen werden – SchweizerInnen machen

Eine Ethnographie der Einbürgerungspraxis in der Stadt Basel

Seite 38
Christin Achermann und Stefanie Gass

Taking the canton of Basel-Stadt and the city of Basel as examples, the authors explore how the process of naturalization works in practice. They describe the procedure at different stages as well as the decision-making processes involved. The procedure of naturalization is structured by specific key moments, though there is a certain scope for maneuver in the decisions of the authorities concerned, as the authors demonstrate. Furthermore, they point to the kinds of resources at the candidates’ disposal and how these can play a role in the outcome of naturalization procedures. Certain resources may help candidates accomplish naturalization successfully; conversely whole groups of persons are confronted with difficulties in gaining naturalization due to lack of resources. The authors conclude that the crucial reason for subjective, unequal and untransparent decisions is to be found in the fact that assimilation figures as a legal requirement for naturalization.