Ausgabe 9

Transformationen im Feld der Einbürgerung

Staatsbürgerliche Einbindung in der Schweiz zwischen 1981 und 2000

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Pascale Steiner

Transformations in the field of naturalization in Switzerland between 1981 and 2000 took place in the context of a growing tension between federalism and centralization. On the one hand, the normative distinctions between national and local levels, based on fundamental organizational principles, are important and historically grounded. On the other hand, naturalization practices are the result of constellations of social interests and political decisions. The remarkable rise in the number of naturalizations in the 1990s went hand-in-hand with a simultaneous politization of the field and the increase in negative decisions regarding naturalization requests. Practices on the local level are, however, neither uniform nor homogeneous: one can observe naturalization-promoting as well as naturalization-hindering strategies, both of which will be presented and discussed in this article.