Bradley A.U. Levinson

Bradley A.U. Levinson is Associate Professor in the School of Education, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Latino Studies, and Affiliated Professor of Latin American Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington.

School of Education, Room 4228, 201 N. Rose Ave., Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA.

Anna Isabella Streissler

Anna Isabella Streissler is a lecturer in anthropological research on youth at the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology of the University of Vienna. Since March 2005 she is a research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt.

Rasumofskygasse 9-11, A-1030 Wien

Melanie E. L. Bush

Dr. Melanie E. L. Bush obtained an undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal and advanced degrees at the City University of New York including a Ph.D. in Anthropology. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Adelphi University.

Department of Anthropology and Sociology (Blodgett Hall, Room 101), Adelphi University, 1 South Ave, P.O. BOX 701, Garden City, NY 11530-0701

Barbara Waldis

Barbara Waldis is a senior researcher at the University of Neuchatel, conducts research and teaches on the topics of interculturality, migration and citizenship in multi-cultural societies.

Institut d’ethnologie, Université de Neuchâtel, Rue St-Nicolas 4, CH-2000 Neuchâtel

Michaela Heid

Michaela Heid, M. A., Dipl. Engineer, studied cultural sciences at Tubingen and Trent. Since 2003 she works in the National Research Program NFP 51 «Integration and Exclusion», and is a PhD student in folklore studies at the University of Zurich.

Volkskundliches Seminar der Universität Zürich, Wiesenstrasse 7/9, CH- 8008 Zürich

Susanne Christina Jost

Susanne Christina Jost, Anthropologist, PhD, MSc by Research, was until the end of 2004 research assistant at the Ethnographical Collection of the Historical Museum in Berne and is currently employed at the Historical Museum in Murten.

Agathe Lopez

Agathe Lopez is an anthropologist specialising on contemporary environments. She develops ethnographical ateliers for various publics for the Association Ethnologues en Herbe.

Association Ethnologues en Herbe, Rue Marcadet 258, F-75018 Paris

Ursula Bertels

Dr. Ursula Bertels, studied anthropology in Munster and Freiburg i. Br. Since 1986 she has undertaken regular research trips to Mexico. She works with the Association “Ethnologie in Schule und Erwachsenenbildung” (ESE) e.V. since 1994.
Sabine Eylert, studied geography in Munster. Since 1990 she has undertaken regular research trips to Indonesia. Since 1996 she works with the Association “Ethnologie in Schule und Erwachsenenbildung” (ESE) e.V.

Ethnologie in Schule und Erwachsenenbildung (ESE) e.V., c/o Institut für Ethnologie, Studtstr. 21, D-48149 Münster

Margrit E. Kaufmann

Prof. Dr. Margrit E. Kaufmann works at the BIK, the Bremen Institute for Cultural Research at the University of Bremen. Her research and teaching topics are diversity, migration, gender, education and health.

BIK, Universität Bremen FB 9, Postfach 330 440, D-28334

David MacDougall

David MacDougall is an ethnographic filmmaker, scholar, and writer on cinema, the social sciences, and education. He is currently an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University.

Sandra Carmen Re

Sandra Carmen Re has studied anthropology at the University of Neuchâtel, and is currently a PhD student there. She has conducted research during two years in Brasil, in the state of Maranhão, on traditional concepts of education.

Rue Reimann 15, CH-2504

Janine Dahinden

anine Dahinden, PhD. Anthropologist, Project leader and researcher at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies (SFM)

Martina Kamm

Martina Kamm, Sociologist and research assistant

Anna Neubauer

Anna Neubauer, Anthropologist and research assistant at the SFM.

Schweizerisches Forum für Migrations- und Bevölkerungsstudien (SFM), Rue St-Honoré 2, 2000 Neuchâtel.

Guillaume Gladieux

Guillaume Gladieux has received an M.A. from the University of Neuchâtel. He works at the moment in a 50% position as counsellor at a nursing home in La Sagne (canton of Neuchâtel).

Temple-Allemand 107, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Stefanie Granado

Stefanie Granado is a PhD student at the Institute of Social Anthropology of the University of Basel. Her research is part of the project «Health and Well-Being» of the Swiss Tropical Institute in the framework of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South: «Research Partnerships for Mitigating Syndromes of Global Change».

Schweizerisches Tropeninstitut, Gesundheitswesen und Epidemiologie, Socinstrasse 57, Postfach, CH-4002 Basel

Hélène Martin

Hélène Martin is a PhD student at the Institute of Social Anthropology of the University of Neuchâtel. She was a research and teaching assistant at the University of Lausanne and is currently professor in social sciences at the University of Applied Sciences for Health of Western Switzerland.

HECVSanté, avenue de la Sallaz 2, CH- 1005 Lausanne

Alessandro Monsutti

Alessandro Monsutti teaches anthropology, Middle Eastern studies and methods in social sciences at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva. He has carried out several field projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran since 1993, and more recently in Western countries among Afghan refugees and migrants with the financial support of the MacArthur Foundation.

Institut universitaire d’études du développement (IUED), case postale 136, CH- 1211 Genève 21

Alemmaya Mulugeta

Alemmaya Mulugeta is a social anthropologist in Ethiopia who obtained her MA at Addis Abbeba University. Currently she is conducting her PhD research in social anthropology (at the University of Basel, Switzerland) on the potential of local institutions in transforming resource based conflicts in pastoral areas of Ethiopia.

Sandrine Tolivia

Sandrine Tolivia is a PhD student and research assistant at the Institute of Social Anthropology of the University of Neuchâtel. In 2002, she conducted an ethno-historical research under the mandate of the Institut national de recherche agronomique (INRA) with a goal towards re-establishing saffron in the Southwest of France.

Irina Wenk

Irina Wenk studied social anthropology at the University of Zurich. Her dissertation project is part of the Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) North-South Individual Project 7 «Environmental Change and Conflict Transformation» under the lead of the Swisspeace Foundation.

Ethnologisches Seminar der Universität Zürich, Andreasstrasse 15, CH-8050 Zürich

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