Cover Trilogy

The triptych starting with volume 11 is concerned with the biometric definition of identity (iris, fingerprint, hair). The strange sunflower with feathery petals of volume 11 and the blue-green reptilian-like design of volume 12 are nothing else than a human iris and a digital fingerprint. The cover of volume 13 likewise does not show decorative ribbons or the strings of a puppet, but fine children’s hair.

These images are a different way of visually interpreting the name we have given our journal. «Tsantsa» refers to the traditional technique and notions of the Shuar (Jivaro) of shrinking heads to appropriate the identity of the Other. This can be associated in a way with contemporary techniques of capturing the identity through physical characteristics. Out of these reflections, the idea emerged to illustrate the world of biometry in the form of a triptych.