Issue 14

Comment rendre technique un débat politique

Controverses autour des biotechnologies agricoles au sein de la FAO

Page 27
Birgit Müller

This article explores how the dispositif in which the policy guidelines of the FAO are embedded depoliticizes conflicts about property and control provoked by the introduction of transgenic plants. The organisation tries to neutralise the controversies surrounding GMOs by advocating consultation with and the participation of civil society organisations, thereby reducing political controversies to technical problems. What appears at first sight to be the anti-politics of the institution is, however, less its essence than a recurring practice. This practice will be studied «at work» when transgenic plants become the subject of political and economic contention as the first thematic issue of the State of Food and Agriculture 2003 / 04 focusing on the theme «Agricultural Biotechnologies Meeting the Needs of the Poor?» is produced and published.