Review Section

The section "Review" attempts to bring recently published scientific books to light, which – according to their authors – constitute methodological, epistemological or theoretical contributions to anthropology. Publications of any authors and editors whatsoever are welcome. Nevertheless, Tsantsa specifically seeks to promote publications edited in Switzerland or originating from the Swiss academic field. A review is a critical analysis of the presented book. It situates the publication and its author within a wider research context and provides readers with an overview of the issues discussed in the book.

The books to be reviewed are either chosen by the editorial committee or are directly sent to us by publishing houses. We then contact researchers considered to be experts on the subject and ask them to write a review. However, it is also possible to propose a book review of one’s own choice to the responsible board members. The authors are free to choose the language in which to write their review and may keep the received copy of the book. Between five and ten reviews are usually published in the journal. Each review should not exceed the maximum 9000 characters.

For the guidelines on submitting a review please see «Guidelines for Authors».

  • Sylvain Besençon (contact person)
    Unité anthropologie sociale, Université de Fribourg, Bld. de Pérolles 90, CH-1700 Fribourg