About the Journal

Tsantsa is the Journal of the Swiss Anthropological Association. It publishes contributions on current topics in ethnology as well as in social and cultural anthropology in four languages: English, French and German. The journal is aimed at an international expert audience and at readers who take interest in anthropological approaches to and perspectives on social phenomena. Tsantsa accepts only (previously unpublished) original contributions.

Articles are selected on the basis of calls for papers. Manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial board and then submitted to an external peer-review process, on the basis of which the editorial board makes its decisions about the publication of submitted contributions. Tsantsa appears yearly since 1996.

Articles are published in the following sections:

The journal's title

The journal's title is deliberately enigmatic. It refers to an earlier custom among the Shuar (Jivaro) of shrinking human heads. This practice required rich technological and symbolic forms of knowledge, which were aimed at appropriating the «Other's» identity.

This custom can be understood both as a metaphor for the anthropological project at large, as well as for its inherent contradictions.