Numéro 13

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Articulations et désarticulations du pouvoir chez les Mapuche de Neuquén (Argentine)

Page 80
Sabine Kradolfer

The scattered distribution of power among the various Mapuche communities and associations of the province of Neuquén, in the north of the Argentine part of Patagonia, has allowed them to resist state hegemony as the Mapuche have succeeded in preserving certain areas of relative autonomy by increasing the number of people holding of power. This particular situation allows for investigation into the soft spots of power and the possibility of resistance against state hegemonies in which power takes diffuse, mobile, flexible and unstable forms. the current situation juxtaposes and / or articulates various measures of legitimization along a continuum of positions, on various levels of the social and political organization, which the Mapuche construct, re-appropriate and articulate according to the contexts in which they find themselves. An understanding of local situations is only possible when one takes into account the debates on indigenousness which take place at international, national and provincial levels.