Numéro 13

Ressourcendegradierung und Konflikte

Machtverhältnisse und institutioneller Wandel im Nigerbinnendelta von Mali

Page 61
Sabrina Beeler Stücklin

A new trend among international organizations and NGOs is to claim credit for conferring central roles to traditional chiefs in development projects concerned with natural resource management. Oblivious to the complex power relations and internal dynamics at work on the local level, these organizations assume that the reinforcement of traditional systems is the solution to problems such as resource degradation and conflict. this current thinking can, however, result in a wide variety of problems. Similar issues may result from decentralization. Decentralization can also lead to new concentrations of power in a minority. This in turn may reinforce social and economic differences within communities and may create imbalances in the long-term and, therefore, new potential for conflict.