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Numéro 13

«Ich bin in einer Zwickmühle!»

Migration, Verwandtschaft und Geschlecht am Beispiel der albanischen Diaspora in der Schweiz

Page 123
Brigit Allenbach

This paper deals with gender and kinship in the context of the Albanian Diaspora in Switzerland. Due to migration, family life changes and the meaning of gender and kinship are interpreted in new ways. Besides individual resources, the structure of both the society of origin and that of the host country play an important role in defining the relationship between gender and generation within the family. Based on ethnographic data concerning the (new) meaning of in-laws in the context of Swiss «exile» and women's choices of marriage partners from their country of origin, this article aims to investigate the strategies used by albanian women in Switzerland to improve their life conditions. Having adopted an actor-centred investigative approach, the author also discusses some related aspects of research ethics.