Numéro 15

«Ethnologue-journaliste» : Une position à double (en)jeu

Page 38
Célina Peloso

The goal of this article is to bring to light the political, epistemological and ethical issues at stake in a journalistic environment as well as to show the interplay of these issues implied by a research-action in this setting. Working as both a journalist and an ethnologist at a French-speaking newspaper on the French side of Saint-Martin Island (West Indies), the researcher observed the dynamics of these two professional environments as combined in a specific context. Based on the analysis of the effects of this «observing participation» within a media institution on the ethnographic investigation, this article will look at the complex relationship existing between journalism and anthropology. We will examine these two professions in terms of their way of building and interpreting the «field» – their common workplace – in order to show what is at stake in these different approaches and to think about the possibilities and limitations of this relationship.