Laufende Forschungen

Numéro 22

"Go-Along" Method in Anthropological Research with Artists with Disabilities

An Insight into the Researchers’ Experiences

Page 95
Sonia Perego, Sophia Völksen

The article explores the methodological challenges encountered when translating anthropological research with artists living with physical and / or mental disabilities into practice. The research for this article was carried out in four artist studios for mentally and / or physically disadvantaged artists in Switzerland. These ateliers claim to provide professional assistance and artistic promotion for the artists. In order to attain a better understanding of the roles of these art studios, four spheres of interest have been identified: i) the functioning of the atelier, ii) the artworks and their circulation, iii) the participants’ artistic career, and finally iii) the artists’ self-conception. The research adopts an interactionist perspective, which assumes that art itself results from collective production, also referred to as "artification".

Sonia Perego has a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Geneva with a specialisation in sociology of art, in particular on the question of hybrid art (art and science/technology). She uses largely qualitative methods (ethnographic approach – observation, in-depth interviews, use of camera, etc.) in her research. Besides her academic focus on the areas of art and culture, she has also worked on other specific themes. In 2016 she participated in a study on sexism and sexual harassment with the Equality Com- mission of the Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Geneva).
Sonia Perego, Rue du Lièvre 7, 1227 Les Acacias

Sophia Völksen is a scientific assistant at HETS Valais- Wallis, currently pursuing her PhD project on the experiences of professionals related to the implementation of a standardized tool on child protection assessment in Switzerland. She studied social anthropology and geography (MA Basel University) and completed a postgraduate degree in development cooperation (ETH Zurich).
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3960 Sierre